People rushed into this Universal Studios icon  to take a picture of themselves. This spinning globe icon is a landmark in every Universal Studios themed parks. On this picture, many people surrounds the landmark that it is so hard to take a picture of yourself alone.

Universal Studios Singapore – All Day Fun

The 2nd day of our trip in Singapore was spent in Universal Studios, still located in Sentosa Island.

People rushed into this Universal Studios icon to take a picture of themselves. This spinning globe icon is a landmark in every Universal Studios themed parks. On this picture, many people surrounds the landmark that it is so hard to take a picture of yourself alone.

We spent the whole day there. I tell you spending like half a day is not enough. Of course the entrance fee to Universal Studios Singapore is quite expensive for me. Yeah. It is SG $74.00/head, that is whole day entrance with unlimited rides. We purchased the ticket in advanced online through their website:

For us first timers in Singapore, the Universal Studios was the main highlight of our trip. The park is famous and only a few of them exist in the whole world.

Finally, I conquered Universal Studios Singapore and I felt like I was a kid again.

Being in Universal Studios was like being a kid again. How I wished I visited the park when I was a kid (perhaps when I was 10 years old) so I could have the best experience in my childhood life. But whatever, I still did enjoy my time there. But just saying, it would totally be a different experience for young kids out there. You know what I mean?

Interesting restaurant near the Sentosa Express in Vivo City called Food Republic. If SM Malls in the Philippines have Food Court, Vivo City in Singapore has Food Republic.

Universal Studios opens at 10AM. By 8AM, we already left in our hostel and went ahead to Vivo City. We had a short stop over in The Food Republic, an interesting restaurant near the Sentosa Express station in Vivo City. We had our breakfast there. The Food Republic ambiance is very comfy and superb. All the chandeliers, the woods, the lighting etc. are well placed and designed. The interior design is just perfect. Most of the foods available are oriental (more of Chinese dishes  I guess). I ordered a curried beef wanton noodle and I disliked it. The curry had a very foul odor. Hmmm. I bought it for SG $9.00 and it would be a waste if I won’t eat it. But anyway, I had no choice but to eat it. Also, I recommend to eat first and make sure you are full before you entered the park. This will prevent you in getting an head ache after trying a super dooper ride.

The Universal Studios Singapore. On this picture is the lagoon found in the park. On the right is the Sci-Fi City themed park and on the left is the Ancient Egypt themed park.

Going on. Universal Studios Singapore is a theme park located in Sentosa Island that has an area of 20 hectares. It is the first Universal Studios to open in South East Asia and the second to open in Asia (second to Japan). It first opened in March 2010 and since then it has attracted millions of visitors each year. (see more information about Universal Studios here:


The mini Hollwood Walk of Fame in Universal Studios Singapore. Out of the few names, I only know John Travolta. On this picture, my friend Hill got to be a fan of John Travolta.

The moment I entered the Universal Studios, I already stepped foot on the so called “Hollywood” themed park. It is mainly consists of stores or souvenir shops. I was told Marilyn Monroe was somewhere nearby but was not able to see her. Anyway, we did see these three wonderful Caucasian performing broadway dancers. They were simply mesmerizing. I can still remember how they sang Johnny B Goode song and they were very talented. Also in Hollywood themed park housed “Pantages Hollywood Theater“, an indoor theatre where we watched a musical show called Universal Monsters. Recording the show is not allowed. We watched the show at 6PM and I tell you, it was boring. lol

These lovely women were very entertaining. They were all pretty too!

See how these people were entertained? The performance of these women were actually jaw dropping.

This is me before the roller coaster experience.

Sci-Fi City

Battlestar Galactica

We passed by a lagoon and saw red and blue roller coasters, called “Battlestar Galactica“, the blue one is called “Cylon” and the red one is called “Human“. We were all excited after we have witnessed these people riding the roller coasters, they were like screaming and I was not sure if they were all scared or just happy. I even saw one big muscled guy screaming! hahaha So we were 5 and one of us decided not to ride. It is their protocol that before you take the ride, you need to empty your pockets, leave your bags or as much as possible just wear your upper and lower clothes. You need to stand at least 125cm before you can ride. There are secured lockers for an extra fee (I forgot the cost). Since one of us did not ride, we just left our bags to her.

Melvin with this giant model that represents Galactica Battleship attraction.

I heard the screaming guests over there.

This was the part where we were plunged into a deep pit causing a sensation that we almost hit the ground.

Okay we entered Cylon and there we were. And oh, we even left our shoes. So yeah, the ride started. I was like, this should be fun. About 10 seconds later, I began to feel my near death experience. (lol) The ride turned our position upside down. It was like my soul wanted to separate my body. Part of the ride when we were plunged into deep pit filled with artificial fogs was irritating, made me want to close my eyes. It was like less than a minute ride and until now, I am still confused if I enjoyed the ride or not. Part of me tells me to not ride it again and another part of me tells me to do it again. hahaha Overall, the ride was the most intense roller coaster I ever experienced in my whole life!

Human or the red roller coaster is for people who wants to experience a ride without inversions.

Transformers 4D Ride

This is the best attraction ever in Universal Studios Singapore! We even rode it twice. But before entering, we purchased this apple slurpee filled in a robotic designed tumbler for only $30.00 This added our awesome experience in Transformers 4D Ride. haha

A pose with Optimus Prime and our Transformers tumbler.

The shard in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen film is now being displayed in Universal Studios Singapore.

The first time we got there at around 12:10PM, there were a lot of people falling in line for the ride. We waited for like 45 minutes before we got our ride. But on the second ride at around 6:30PM, there were no more people falling in line.

Optimus Prime is excited to see his recruits falling in line.

Visitors falling in line to take the 4D ride. It was a long queue.

I can say that this 4D ride was very high tech for me. We wore 3D glasses and ride in a car. The storyline was we were recruits to help these autobots. There were parts when we felt like we were falling then Bumblebee suddenly catched us, also we felt the heat of the bomb! Good thing these autobots saved our ride! haha This is best ride ever! I can recommend you not to miss Transformers 4D Ride.

After the Transformers 4D ride, we took our lunch in Starbot Cafe: Human Refueling Center. I ordered a mushed potatoes with chicken and hungarian sausages side dished with vegetables for SG $12.00 I kinda like it.

My lunch.

Inside the cafeteria called Starbot Cafe: Human Refueling Center.


 Ancient Egypt

With the statues around, I felt like I was in Egypt.

After I experienced the near death Cylon ride, I refused to take the “Revenge of the Mummy” ride. The time when the staff told us that we need to leave our bags, I concluded that this should be another head ache causing ride.

Just wondering how much these statues cost if I am going to buy them. HAHA

The Vintage Car Ride of Treasure Hunters in Ancient Egypt themed park.

Anyway, the statues and the models willing to strike a pose with us were enough for the Ancient Egypt themed park. And oh, we did take a vintage car ride called “The Treasure Hunters“, I think the story is inspired on the Indiana Jones movies. It is a slow ride so we definitely took the ride.

And yes, the models that were willing to strike a pose with us were Cleopatra, Mathayus the Scorpion King and Indiana Jones.

with beautiful Cleopatra. I admire how this pretty woman can still stick to her character as Cleopatra even when guests made fun of her.

The confident Scorpion King.

Some random girls with Indiana Jones

The Lost World

In this themed park, we took a ride in their Canopy flyer. It is a gentle ride which aims to allow guests to witness the prehistoric bird’s eye view of Jurassic Park. Well, the ride was okay.

The Lost World Entrance exiting from the Ancient Egypt

Also included in the Lost World themed park is the Water World. It is a live show performance where visitors can see professional actors doing stunts and pyrotechnics. The Water World 1995 movie inspired this attraction.

The Water World!

These rustic and old looking materials are so Water World!

We watched the show at 4:30PM. The available seats in the arena are color coded. Be sure you sit from a far if you do not want to get wet. The closer you are, the more water you will get. The actors of the show will not think of getting you wet if you sit on the blue colored seats.

The Water World arena.

One of the stunts I saw. This actor was burned and fell into the water.

I can say that watching their live performance is like witnessing a taping for the movie. The stunts were great and I can sense that they practiced it for years. hehe Not sure where those actors hail from but I am pretty sure most of them are not Asians.

The performance was outstanding!

Other attractions to enjoy are: Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Amber Rock Climb and Dino-Soarin’.

Far Far Away

If you like Shrek and Princess Fiona, you must like this part of Universal Studios Singapore. The castle highlights this themed park. For me, being in this park would also literally mean I am listening to my mother telling childhood stories that begins with “Once upon a time…”. You know what I mean.

Anyway, we only spent a few time here. We watched a funny short 4D Shrek movie. This themed park is good for kids.

The caste in the Far Far Away themed park.


Exploring the whole Universal Studios Singapore can get you tired somehow. While we were falling in line to take the ride called “Madagascar: A Crate Adventure“, a staff about in her forties noticed us and offered us to take us a picture. I gave her my camera. She began asking “Did you all enjoy? Why are you all look so tired? That is why I take you a picture so you will be lightened up a bit.” Yeah, I guess she was right. We were actually tired that time. I did not know joining these rides will get you tired.

One of the staffs in Madagascar took us a picture while we were falling on line to take the ride.

Us, after we took the ride.

Madagascar: A Crate Adventure is about a 10 minute water boat ride that takes you to a journey with Madagascar characters: Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria. The river boat adventure is completed with state-of-the-art animatronics, digital projection, evocative sound, and moving show-action effects that create a one-of-a-kind, immersive ride experience. (Source:

New York

In this themed park, we went inside a live show called Lights! Camera! Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg. The show simply showcases how a peaceful New York City suddenly turns stormy. The special effects made it! And it was magic. I recommend this attraction! Never fail to enter this attraction!

Also we witnessed street entertainment where a group called “Rockafellas” danced out in their whole heart. Some of the guests from across the globe even participated. It was a fun thing to watch that the guest participants showed their dance moves. While we were entertained, we also spent the time taking pictures in their New York Public Library.

Street entertainment in New York. On this picture, Rockafellas showed their dance moves.


One of the guest participants is an Indian who was not ashamed to dance with Rockafellas.

At the New York’s Public Library of Universal Studios Singapore

We met Betty Boop along the street of New York City. hehe

At around 8PM we finally decided to leave Universal Studios. We definitely had fun. We did not even take all the rides. I hope my first there won’t be my last time.

The Universal Studios Singapore

SO I will stop now. Thank you for reading.

If you like to know more information about the Universal Studios Singapore, you visit their official website. You also check if you can avail some of their promos. Go to:

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