Sentosa Island is very developed yet it preserves the beauty of nature. The place is truly for tourist. Every corner is a perfect spot for picture taking. On this photo for instance, the colorful Sentosa letters with the Merlion statue at the background is everyone's spot to take a picture of themselves.

Sentosa Island, Singapore

Sentosa simply means “peace and tranquility” in Malay. The name itself already describes the island. Well, Sentosa Island is a must-see place in Singapore. All the wonderful activities, parks and attractions in Singapore are all located in Sentosa Island. For me, it is an island where you won’t get bored. Uhuh?

Sentosa Island is very developed yet it preserves the beauty of nature. The place is truly for tourists. Every corner is a perfect spot for picture taking. On this photo for instance, the colorful Sentosa letters with the Merlion statue at the background is everyone’s favorite spot to take a picture of themselves.

Our half day tour to Sentosa Island highlighted our first day of our trip. And indeed, we had fun!

Getting There

Vivo City. It is a mall and the gateway to Sentosa Island. This is the nearest mall to Singapore Harbor, I suppose. On this picture, the fantastic fountain outside the mall.

From where you are in Singapore, ride a bus or a train that would take you to Vivo City. In our case we stayed near Bugis Station, we rode Bus # 80. Once we arrived in Vivo City, we then found ourselves falling in line in Sentosa Express counter located at Lobby L, Level 3 of the mall to get our tickets. We bought our tickets to Sentosa Express at $(SG)3.50 each.

The famous cable cars in Singapore as seen at Vivo City.

Sentosa Express Lobby L, Level 3, Vivo City

TIP: There are brochures found at the Sentosa Express Lobby. Get one of them especially the “island map brochure” for free.

More information about getting to Sentosa Island, go to their website:

Choosing the Right Attractions

Before going to Sentosa Island, make sure that the group already decided what attractions to enter. There are more than 10 attractions and every attraction has appropriate entrance fee. Of course the group has to consider the time and budget.

Per their brochure, Tiger Sky Tower is Singapore’s tallest viewing platform. It stands 110 meters tall that at the top you can even see Indonesia and Malaysia. The cabin spirals at its speak so you can enjoy the 360 degree view of the city. Admission: S$15 (adults) / S$10 (child 3 – 12yrs.old)

Our trip was good for only 3 days and spending the whole day in Sentosa Island would stop us from visiting other important places in Singapore. So our group decided to just spend half of the day and took only 2 attractions (Merlion Walking Tour and Underwater World).

Imbiah Lookout

Images of Singapore.

Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom


If in case you will have more time and will want to enter all the attractions, I recommend buying Sentosa Play Pass.

Three play passes as written on their brochure (July 2012):

  1. Day Play Pass -
    Choose 16 Sentosa attractions! Valid from 9AM – 7PM.
    Weekend & Public Holiday: $(SG) 71.90 for adult; $(SG)53.90 for a child
    Weekday: $(SG) 65.90 for adult; $(SG)49.90 for a child
  2. Noon Play Pass -
    Choose 4 out of 16 attractions! Valid from 2:30PM – 7PM.
    Weekend & Public Holiday: $(SG) 44.90 for adult; $(SG)38.90 for a child
    Weekday: $(SG) 42.90 for adult; $(SG)36.90 for a child
  3. Evening Play Pass -
    Choose 3 out of 12 choices
    Weekend & Public Holiday: $(SG) 28.90 adult and child
    Weekday: $(SG) 26.90 adult and child

For information:

Merlion Tour

Like I said, we only did two attractions in Sentosa. And the first attraction we visited is Merlion Walking Tour. I think this is the cheapest attraction at S$8 entrance fee. The Merlion statue in Sentosa Island is 37 meters tall. Honestly, I did not have any idea what this attraction has to offer. We simply entered the attraction because this is the first attraction we saw right after we dropped at the Imbiah Station. Maybe the reason is because the entrance is cheaper. lol

Per their brochure, the Merlion lets you dive right into the myths and legends of the deep.

The staff who sells tickets is a Filipina. We were happy to see her and she assured that we will enjoy the attraction. So when we entered inside the statue, the staff gave us a “fortune coin”. She said that we should keep it while we are inside the statue. Okay, noted.

Then we passed by a several paintings and illustrations of mythical creatures like dragons, mermaids, etc. After those illustrations, we watched a short movie of how Singapore got its name and the legend of Merlion. It was actually educational. The name Prince Sang Nila Utama then sounds familiar to me since then. Legend says, he was the prince who named the island Singapore. Blah blah. If you find the story interesting, you can have a short read of this link:

Prince Sang Nila Utama

Merlion. At the entrance.

The mystery of sea monsters as reflected on the paintings.

Mercubs where fortune coins are dropped.

After that short movie, we proceeded to the topmost part of the Merlion Statue where we had a 360 view of the city. That feeling being at the top to have a glimpse of the city was already worth it. That paid the S$8 entrance fee. hahaha

I am at the top of the Merlion Statue.

Singapore City.

The Harbor Bay.

We then went down and entered a room where we had to drop the fortune coin into a Mercub’s mouth. After we dropped the coin, the machine gave us a ticket to be presented at the exit. We exchanged the ticket with a souvenir. In my case, I got a Sentosa fan.

The Merlion attraction was not bad at all. Now, I have to stop because I am tired. I will talk about Underwater World Singapore on my next blog entry. Thank you for reading.

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