The infinity pool of Lalimar Beach Resort. The view of Tanon Strait right from the pool is just magnificent.

Afternoon Delight in Lalimar Beach Resort, Negros Oriental

The infinity pool of Lalimar Beach Resort. The view of Tanon Strait right from the pool is just magnificent.

While we were in Guihulngan City to celebrate the birthday of my friend’s mom, we went to a nearby resort located in La Libertad to spend the rest of the afternoon. The resort’s name is Lalimar Beach Resort, it is operated and owned by the Local Government Unit.

The resort is a great place to spend your vacation. They have an infinity pool with a breathtaking view of Tanon Strait and also you can see the island of Cebu from a far. The cottages are simply beautiful. Plus the price is cheaper.

Since the resort is about 2 hours drive from Dumaguete City, it is a sweet escape from the madding crowd.

We had the whole afternoon in Lalimar Beach Resort and we were all pampered by the beauty of this resort. The cottages that are made of indigenous materials, the eco friendly landscape, the cool plunge of their infinity pool, the friendly staff and their mouth watering pizza – these were just some of the things that we experienced and brought us into the state of peace and relaxation.

This is the view of the resort right after I got out the vehicle.

May the picture paints my first impression of the resort. hehe

The function hall as seen near the swimming pool.

The swimming pool as seen near the function hall.

Another view of their infinity swimming pool.

Lalimar Beach Resort have Filipino and Italian cuisine. And this pizza is just so delicious. Never miss their pizza!

The landscape is beautifully designed. It conforms nature.

Lalimar Beach Resort Restaurant

This is how the indigenous cottages in Lalimar Beach Resort look like.

Last glimpse of their swimming pool.

We left Lalimar Beach Resort with a smile to show how we enjoyed our time while we were there. So if you happen to be in Negros Oriental, consider staying in Lalimar Beach Resort.


Below are the published rates I got last August 2012.

Air Conditioned Cottage w/ Hot & Cold Shower

  1. Cottage Nos. 1 – 4 – PhP 1,540.00
  2. Cottage No. 5 – PhP 2,420.00
  3. Cottage No. 6 (Whole Cottage) – PhP 3,740.00
  4. Cottage No. 6A – PhP 2,640.00
  5. Cottage No. 6B – PhP 1,760.00
  6. Cottage No. 7 – PhP 3,080.00
  7. Budget Room with Fan – PhP 220.00/head
Double Occupancy, each additional guest PhP 220.00
  • Function Hall Main – PhP 3,000.00
  • Function Hall Annex PhP 2,000.00
  • Umbrella Poolside 10 seaters – PhP 330.00
  • Umbrella Poolside 8 seaters – PhP 275.00
  • Extra Chairs – PhP 11.00
  • Extra Table – PhP 44.00
  • Adult – PhP 55.00
  • Children – PhP 33.00
For more information, contact:

Lalimar Beach Resort
San Jose, La Libertad, Negros Oriental, Philippines
Cellphone No: 09082127683 – 09177071409

10 thoughts on “Afternoon Delight in Lalimar Beach Resort, Negros Oriental”

  1. I’ve stayed in lalimar a couple of times ( my family lives nearby) and I must say, you took beautiful pictures of the resort. I love to spend afternoons just enjoying the breeze at lalimar.

  2. Some of the things that were mentioned here, the view, the pool were all true however the staffs here OH MY GOSH KULANG JUD SA SEMINAR!!! SIMPLY THEY CAN NOT GIVE GOOD INFORMATION AT ALL!!!MGA TAGA BUKID KAAU! The reason I had a bad experience with these people there, it was because on house they attented their customers.


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