Globe Internet Broadband: A Personal Review

Internet is one necessity nowadays. Choosing the right Internet Service Provider should not be disregarded. Hope this review will give you an insight. I know my experience will not be your experience. I just thought that in this review I have the chance to warn you first.

As you probably know I was a Smart Bro canopy subscriber… that was a year ago when I was in Bohol studying college. College graduation came and got a job here in Cebu. Then God blessed me and I was able to purchase a laptop. Having a laptop with no internet could not be of use at all (well maybe for playing movies and music) so I thought of getting internet again.

I planned to get Smart Bro in Cebu but I am into downloading torrents, and based from my previous experience with Smart Bro, I was not that happy in terms of downloading torrents. So my friends told me that I should get a wired DSL internet. I got three choices: Globe Broadband, PLDT and Sky Cable Internet. I am renting a room in Lahug. Sky Cable Internet does not offer service in my area so I got two choices left: either Globe Broadband or PLDT myDSL. I researched about these two Internet Service Providers (ISP) on the internet to gain insight what would work best for me. Both have negative and positive reviews. It does not matter then to what ISP should I subscribe.

To make the story short, I signed up for Globe Broadband Internet Plan 995 with up to 1mbps speed.

My Installation Story? HORROR!

Monday, I submitted my application at Globe Telecom Center in Ayala Mall. They only required two valid IDs. In my case, I submitted my TIN ID and Company ID. I drew a sketch of my location and they confirmed that it was serviceable. I signed up a contract stating that I should keep the service for one year or else I will have to pay the early termination fee which is worth of two months service (PhP 2,000). I paid PhP 500.00 for the deposit. The representative then told me to wait for a call that should inform the date of the installation.

2 days after, Wednesday, someone called and told me that my internet should be installed Thursday in the morning. I declined. I said that I have other commitment and if it would be okay to have it installed on Friday. The rep gladly said that it was okay.

Thursday came, I was happy with my workmates inside a van and we were on our way to Moalboal. I usually keep my cellphone in silent mode because of work and I don’t want to get caught, when an unknown number miscalled me like 5 times. I was worried. It should be from Globe.  I borrowed a Globe’s handyphone just to call their Customer Service. The rep asked the account number which I was not given. I gave them my complete name and I had to spell them like a kindergarten so she can pull up my account. M as in Milk, A as in Apple, R as in Rain… Finally she was able to pull up my account.

And guess what? I was correct. They called me for the installation. I said why? I was really upset. The rep then assured me not to worry as she will schedule it on Friday, tomorrow afternoon that day.

Friday afternoon, I was waiting. Nobody called. Saturday came. I was waiting. Nobody from Globe. Sunday and Monda came, I went home in Bohol and nobody called. I nearly forgot the installation. Tuesday morning came and there I was in my room waiting for Globe. Still nobody called.

I chatted one of their analysts that day. “OUR SUPPORT GROUP was not able to find your address, Sir”. That was funny. Why they haven’t called me again? And what was the use of the sketch? Grrr….So I told the rep to cancel my application because I do not want to spend another time waiting for nothing. Gladly the rep had this retention skills and I was convinced to stay. I am patient you know. LOL After days of waiting and contacting Globe, 2 hours after I chatted the rep, someone from Globe finally called me…

Tuesday 1pm. They installed my internet. The technicians were friendly. I was happy.

Globe Broadband Internet 1mbps Comments

Globe Broadband Internet Speed Test. A random speed test.

For 995 pesos per month, I was happy with the speed I got. It was always between 0.95mbps and 1.05mbps. I can download most seeded movies (700mb) in less than 2 hours.

What I do not like is that the internet would drop out like 5 times in a month. Sometimes it would not connect for 1 hour (sometimes for 4 hours) then it would fix by itself. They have Globe Click Fix software which is of no help. There was nothing wrong on my end, most of the issues were caused by them

As of the moment that I am writing this, I already experienced twice of having no internet for two days. They said that they would credit my account but on the first outage I received the previous bill which should reflect the credit, there was no credit applied. Okay I can pass the first time but for the second time, I would make sure that the credit will be applied in the next billing statement. I do not want to spend another PhP 50.00 to load my Globe Tattoo and just get a 1 GB limited bandwidth due to their outage.

Their customer service

My board mates are interested to get connected with my 1mbps internet. I think that if I share my internet with them I can save some of my money and in this way I can help them. We decided to rent a wireless router from Globe (PhP 350.00/mo for 3 months).

I called their number 211 to apply for their wireless router. The phone rep processed an appointment for the installation of the wireless router and advised me to wait for 7 business days. And guess what? I did not get a reply from Globe. I do not want to spend more time talking with their customer service representatives and bought a wireless router myself. If they do not want my business then I do not want their business too. I’d rather buy a router than spend my precious time communicating their reps.

We got a router. We are 5 users and that makes our internet slow. Not Globe’s fault though. I convinced my board mates to upgrade the speed from 1mbps to 3mbps (PhP 1995/mo). The upgrade is automatic and it would take up to 5 days.

Our internet is now 3mbps. I ran a speed test. This time without a router to ensure and check if I am really getting a 3mbps speed. OMG! Globe never fails to surprise me. See what my actual speed is? I ran a series of 3 speed tests and these are the results:

Globe Broadband Internet 3mbps Speed Test 1

Globe Broadband Internet 3mbps Speed Test 2

Globe Broadband Internet 3mbps Speed Test 3

1.75mbps for 3mbps? You kidding me? LOL I began chatting their analysts about this twice and I got disconnected. I e-mailed them and no one seems to know and understand the problem. I am tired of complaining. If this is really what they meant for 3mbps then I will just accept it. Acceptance is the key.

Just a friendly reminder

I do not intend to hate Globe Broadband. It is not my intention to upset their fans. I just want to remind you that hey people this is how I experience from Globe. You are the consumer and you have the right to choose. As of the moment, I want to be happy paying 1,995/mo for 3mbps when my actual speed is only 1.75mbps but the idea that I am being lied, this is the fact that I am having a hard time to accept.

Anyway, at least I did not say anything bad against them. So guys, I am cool. LOL

Thank you for reading!

38 thoughts on “Globe Internet Broadband: A Personal Review”

  1. hehehe……you really are true Angy Penguin. i have here an Internet at home with telephone unit from PLDT, but hey seems like it’s not around the house. It’s amazing! 150kbps internet and can’t even use your phone!

  2. Take note folks, this guy is telling the truth. Globe are freaking useless. They’ve been trying to get me a decent connection for 2 years now. Supposed to come again last week but failed to turn up. Maybe this week? I won’t be holding my breath. Recommended as probably the worst company in the Philippines . . . although, come to think of it, with the number of brownouts we get maybe the electric company can fight them for top place.

  3. Ha! Lucky you did NOT subscribe to PLDT because from their service of 3mbps, you only get about 300kbps or SLOWER than that. And I’m SEETHING.

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