The ice cream business would surely benefit the place. Take that from this ice cream peddler who does not fail to ring her bill which literally means "ice cream for sale".

Wave X invades Green Lagoon Park in Compostela, Cebu

We are nothing but a low level chat supports of a prestigious contact center in Cebu. Explaining a confusing bill, troubleshooting cable reception, answering technical questions, apologizing frustrated customers, etc… are the things we do have in common… part of our every night life. We call ourselves Wave X (10).

Life is getting stressful. We do not want stress. Who does? We want to escape from our job and love to commune with nature. (LOL) Right after our shift yesterday, we had this not-so-planned activity. We went to Green Lagoon Park in Compostela, Cebu. Since this was unplanned, we thought of the place because we considered our budget. Green Lagoon Park is not too far from the city, the entrance fee is only PhP 10.00/head, the fare from Cebu City to Compostela is not that heavy in anyones pocket. We only bought 3 pieces of Lechon Manok, 50 pieces of puso (rice wrapped in coconut leaves) and 4 1.5 liters of Coca Cola as serving for lunch.

Though the budget was cheap, we still managed to enjoy ourselves. I would like to take you a tour of the said place but before doing so, allow me to show you the members of Wave 10 who were able to join yesterday. To enumerate: Ryan, Joe, me, Carmel, (Carmel’s kids: KC and CJ), Elena, Leizel and Ronald.

Wave 10 beneath the surface and the sky

Wave 10 Kapamilya standing and sitting

Staring blankly except for Ronald

Wave 10 near the lagoon. CJ’s face is half. Cute.

Let’s tour Green Lagoon Park

Green Park Lagoon entrance

Our dramatic entrance.

The sea as seen near the receiving area

Sway. Feel the air. Juan Tamad mood.

The green lagoon

The water of the lagoon

The stage on the surface of the lagoon

This cottage is PhP 500.00 rental/day

We rented this cottage for PhP 250.00

The shower room, it is PhP 15/head usage

In the era when Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 15 lotion is discovered and we do not have money to buy one… Use your towel to cover from the heat of the sun. That is one great idea from Ryan and Leizel. Does my caption make sense? LOL

Bring all the members of the family and let\’s celebrate. The Unknown family about to settle in their cottage.

This is our cottage. Small yet it serves its purpose.

The gravels/rocks of the resort.

I don not know the name of this flower but it is lovely to look at. This ingredient surely makes the relaxing ambiance of Green Lagoon Park. Am I correct? or AM I CORRECT?

The coconut leaves.

If you prefer to sunbath, just sit on those benches.

The cheap and expensive sea vessels.

The ice cream business would surely benefit the place. Take that from this ice cream peddler who earned just by ringing her bell.

Innocent babies love to play in the beach.

Obey your thirst. Drink Coke (na lang).

The lovely yellow gumamela flower

Don\’t throw your trash anywhere because the ants will come out and will eat your trash.

People bringing their umbrella near the beach. It looks fun.

This was one of the funny things we shared yesterday. I don\’t know how Joe got this idea but he looks good-quite-funny in the picture? Is he trying to be a Buddha?

The beach is pretty rocky and some parts are composed of brown sands. You can perhaps play volleyball as shown in the back ground. I think this picture is good.

So these were just a few of the pictures I got. Hope you like them and I hope you have now an dea about Green Park Lagoon. For call center agents, you can hold your team building here without suffering your budget. So that would be all and thank you for reading.

58 thoughts on “Wave X invades Green Lagoon Park in Compostela, Cebu”

  1. we will go there this coming 27 because we will have our family bonding i hope that it will make ;our day very special and memorable not crazy

  2. Are you sure you are from a prestigious call center in cebu? I dont think so. Ayosin mo naman yung english mo. If di mo kabisado yung language wag mong gamitin kac nakakahiya ka. And sa convergys ka pa naman nagtratrabaho. By the way i knew where you worked because i was part of the pilot wave of the account that you were in. :))

    1. wow i have a hater! hahaha thanks for dropping by! i am not there yet but i am closer than i was yesterday. haha now your comment makes me feel “prestigious”! didn’t know my blog was worthy of your time especially that you sounded like so so so so most PRESTIGIOUS! well yeah, i appreciate your comment!

      1. na unsa ba nis mario de bopol oi! hekhekhek! ang mga hapon bitaw di man kamao mo ininglis, mga datu man.

    2. @mario dinopol – What is your problem? Even natural English speakers miss out on words when writing off their heads. Instead of picking on the blogger’s English you should be thankful for the information you’re getting on Green Lagoon. By the way, your English isn’t impressive either. “I knew where you worked . . .” – are you sure about that?

      @Macky – I enjoyed your blog. My family and I are going to Green Lagoon for a picnic tomorrow after days of indecision. Thanks.

      1. hahaha thanks louise… medyo outdated na ni ako info kay 2010 pa ni… hehe thanks for dropping by. sagda-e ra na si mario dinopol.

  3. Lahi ra kaau ang nasa picture…well, that was 2 yrs ago or 2010. Gikan mi didto 3 days ago (Jan. 19 2012) to celebrate my ate’s birthday… ok ra unta ang place daku, daghan cottages og rooms…ang swimming pool nice ra cya para sa mga kids kay murag taga paa/hawak raman sa mga adults naa ra cgru sa 3 feet kalawm. then ang dagat bati ka lubog ug lapokon and the WORST is the management. Liman ka ni kuha mi ug 6 rooms (1-6) with 4 extra bed (foam ra diay kay ilang extra bed foam raman na ma fold) then pag morning nanguli na tanan ug kami nlng nabilin sa room 6…the time nga finish nami ligo ug ready na jud to leave kay pangita-an pami sa recibo, unsa ilang gusto mangukay pami sa mga basura nga everytime namo request ug rooms and bed and other services bayad man dayon then nganu mangita paman sa receipt? then mga BOGO pa jud kaau, kay nangita sa key sa room #3 nga ang nkuha sa nag check/clean sa room kay 6 keys man pero 2pcs ang #1 then wla ang #3… pero 6 keys ra ghapon sa 6 rooms… hastang hasola jud ug dli jud accommodating ilang mga staff, mura man ug di ta costumer mura man noon ta ug kawatan ug yawe ani….unsa ilang yawe gold? sus ginoo, dli raba jud worth among nagasto ngadtu nga mag overnight lagi mi sa ilang pool nga taga tohod then unsaon man nga 10P.M. e close nman…

    Ang ako lng jud masulti,kung naa mo lain option nga place ayaw nlng jud mo didto… sayang inyo money!!!

  4. green lagoon rates….
    entrance* Adult @ P20 * kid 4 – 12 yrs.old @ P10
    s.pool * adult @ P100 * kid 4- 12yrs.old @ P 50
    room @ P1,200 good for two person free use s.pool & entrance…
    corkage fee for drinkz * bottle @ 10 Case @P 50
    Contact num: 425-6008 / 4066753

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