I kinda like the cross being at the top of the pillar. This makes the architecture of the monastery quite unique.

Simala, Sibonga, Cebu: A Religious Tour

Yesterday, we went to Simala, Sibonga, Cebu. The place is known for the miraculous Virgin Mary where people usually prays for the success of their career. I am no big Religious man but I am strong believer of Christ.

It was Ryan’s birthday (my officemate) and he decided to go to Simala for a birthday prayer. He asked me if I can go with him. It was my rest day and I immediately said yes. I did not go there to pray but I went there just to see the place. You know, the place is famous.

So together with Ryan and Leizel, we left at around 11am from Cebu South Bus Terminal going to Simala. It is a 2 hour drive and PhP 50.00 if you ride in a public bus.

The buses of Cebu South Bus Terminal. This is where it all started. (N. Bacalso Avenue, Cebu City)

INSIDE THE BUS. Ryan, Leizel and me. To tell you, it is extremely hot (100 degree Celcius, lol) inside the bus.

The trip is like going from Tagbilaran to Jagna in Bohol. You will be engrossed with the surroundings while the bus is running towards Simala. Let me give you a short look.

Gaisano Fiesta Mall in Talisay. The color is very bright and yellowish orange? It will force you to notice it.

Is this Carcar City\’s version of Fuente Osmeña Circle? Well, whatever it is Carcar City has this interesting park.

Definitely not Cebu City but in Carcar City. What you see is what you think. lol

Carabaos for sale? I saw this in Carcar City. Not much of a city life.

Upon arriving in Sibonga, habal-habal and tricycle drivers would hop in the bus to negotiate a ride to passengers going to Simala which is few kilometers away from the highway. Junjun, a habal-habal driver was quite expert in his sales talk and he made us convinced. He was lucky enough to have us three. From Sibonga highway to the Simala’s famous landmark would cost another PhP 20.00 fare and would take around 15 minutes.

My first impression of the place was “Is this in Vatican City?”. LOL This landmark is actually a church. It was 12:30pm when we arrived there. We were hungry and decided to eat first. There is a mini market outside the church where most people sells Olive Oil which I do not have any idea what it is for. There are of course souvenir shirts, handkerchief etc for sale… Since it was hot, I bought a handkerchief for only PhP 20.00, I immediately used it to wipe all the sweats on my face.

This was what I saw the moment we took off from Mang Junjun\’s habal-habal.

Ryan and Leizel before entering the place. Good thing Leizel brought an umbrella.

The architecture is comparable to that in Vatican City, Rome. What do you think? Ryan is leading the way.

Even without the paint, the architecture is already interesting to look at.

You can see a lot of sculptures inside the monastery or church. In this picture is an angel, holding the sign board SACRED PLACE. Please respect. Yes, I am not Catholic but I give respect. Thank you for letting me visit the place.

Another very interesting part of the building is the terrace where it is overlooking the peaceful town of Sibonga. Notice the pointed pillars of the terrace. I wonder what would it look like during night time.

I am sorry for the dark picture. I am shy to activate the flash of the camera. But yeah these are people falling in line just to kiss, touch or pray in front the sacred statue of Virgin Mary.

This time, it is not a statue but a picture of Mary. The two persons wore a veil which I do not have any idea why. People would still fall in one just to be near this sacred illustration of Mary

The shiny floor of the monastery. Another sculpture of a Spanish/Portuguese looking guard displays in the receiving area. It is quite interesting.

A lot of paintings would be seen at the roof. If you are reading all the contents of the Bible, perhaps the illustration may looks familiar.

The guard told us to take the picture at the back. So this is way not too far at the back. Ryan is praying. Please do not disturb.

It was time for Leizel to open her heart to Mama Mary. She said to me before that she had lots of prayers to do. Surely, this was her perfect time to vent out her prayers.

The Virgin Mary as sculpted and as dressed in white gown. This is just one of the many sacred statues of Virgin Mary.

The pink and blue angels. For sure, they are not male and female as angels are sexless.

This is one of the sculptures that are enclosed in a transparent cabinet. I took this picture because many of them were unfamiliar and this was the only one that I recognized. This is the Holy Family – Mary, Joseph and Jesus. Am I correct?

I do not know the stories of each people visiting the place. All I know is that they needed help. They all cried out for Mama Mary’s help. They all want to talk about their life with Mama Mary. This is a closer look of people praying in front of Mary\’s statue..

Inside the place are cabinets of letters, medals, nurse\’s cap etc.. I read one of the letters and mostly are a message of gratitude. Mary answers prayers.

There were also lots of candles being lit and unlit. Usual things you see in a Catholic church. I would prefer to pray in front of the candles, you would feel the heat.

It is not yet painted as you can see but it is already good. I wonder how a beauty queen would take down the stair case. It would be a major major dramatic exit.

I kinda like the cross being at the top of the pillar. This makes the architecture of the monastery quite unique.

The roof is filled with paintings. The sacred altar. The people who are praying. Typical Catholic church.

This is the altar of the church. Very sacred.

So that was the tour of Simala’s landmark, MONASTERY OF THE HOLY EUCHARIST – Marian Hills, Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga, Cebu.

I appreciate the way the people goes just to show their devotion to Mama Mary. The temple is creative. God would be happy to know that His people build a church like this to maximize His Kingdom. Though God does not require the church to be this creative, I think this is helpful for most believers… it gives the appetite to come back and view the place.

I like the place. I like the sculptures, it always brings out the creativity of the people. However, the truth always prevails. Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life. God is only one – God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. So brothers and sisters, keep the true faith.

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  1. I like the way you illustrated and shared from top to bottom.
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures, sharing and your experiences. I just hope that you take the picture of JunJun and his habal-habal vehicle because a lot do not know this including me :).
    Even if you dont accept and believe 100% everything in that sacred place, you will be blessed accordingly as you have visited a sacred place.
    God Bless…

  2. Hello there, plan to visit on friday or saturday with friends is it crowded or not?
    Just want to know so that we can fix some schedule for that day…from Davao..

    Thank you

  3. I’ve been to Simala & would like to bring my family to visit the Church, how much is the bus fare per person in goin there? so I can compare the van rental if I choose to rent? Additional inquiry, how many hours to travel, by bus? Thanks a lot!

  4. true enough…a must visit place…i visited the place just last week…it’s been a great opportunity to come to Cebu and a big bonus to visit Simala Place

  5. YESTERDAY…that was the fourth sunday of this month …august… there was a bad and worst moment na nangyayari…. i think yun ang pinaka worst na na oobserve ko sa ibang mga namamahala jan sa simala church…

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