Puntod Island

My Balicasag and Puntod Island experience!

Puntod Island

Bohol. It is the province where I live in. For this, I am so proud of. Though I live here, there are certain places in Bohol which I am not familiar of. So when my church mates planned to go to Balicasag Island and Puntod Island which I haven’t tried in my life , I did not give any doubt to go. Wow! This should be fun, I thought to myself.

Balicasag Island can be reach by riding on a pump boat from Alona Beach in Panglao, Bohol. We rented two pump boats with maximum of 15 persons each and a fee of PhP 1,500 each. When we were bound to Balicasag, I don’t have any idea what we were going to do first. I just thought going directly to the island. Instead, we spent about 40 minutes of dolphin watching. This could be tiresome if the weather is sunny because the dolphins won’t appear. That time the weather is really sunny. I was bored a bit. Not until I saw the dolphins, I got my energy back. Well, dolphin watching according to our pump boat driver is good if the sun does not appear yet. I see now why dolphin watching is an early activity.

Enough about the dolphin watching. We headed to Balicasag Island. I saw the tower of the island in a distance. I don’t know if the structure is during the Spanish occupation but it was kind of intriguing when we went nearer. The sea waters are clear and I was excited to go for a swim.

When we arrived, I thought of spending our lunch in the island. I did not really know the whole plans of the group. The plan was to roam around the island. Okay. Roam? I saw the island how small it was so I thought to myself that it was okay. The roaming activity was quite exercising, I did not know if I lose some fats for doing so. I was sure I did. It was a strenous activity because it made me thirsty. After doing the roaming activity, we then set to going to Puntod Island or commonly known as the Virgin Island by the locals.

As we got nearer to Puntod Island, I was amazed how the white sand bars connected beautifully to island. God’s creation! I was craving to swim that time. We spent our lunch in Puntod Island. It was a paradise. I enjoyed swimming. I did not care how the heat of the sun burned my skin. Yes, I got sun burns because I forgot to bring a sunscreen. After all, I enjoyed. I told you it was fun.

So that was it. I thanked the Lord for the safe adventure we had and for His wonderful creation. He is really good. Hope you could also try to go there so you can experience what we had experienced. Maybe you can dive or snorkel whatever trip you have.


Balicasag Island has a total land area of 25 has., 1.5 has., of which has been developed into a resort. This ” Special Interest Resort” has been operational since October, 1989. PTA together with the Philippine Navy promote underwater sports and protects a marine life sanctuary showcasing a model for marine environmental conservation, ecological preservation and tourism. (read more from source: Balicasag Island Dive Resort).



6 thoughts on “My Balicasag and Puntod Island experience!”

  1. i’ve been to balicasag and puntod island a few days ago and indeed it was a paradise.. puntod’s sand bar is awesome becausethe water is still shallow even in a very long distance from the main island.. sand is so white and so so fine with crystal clear water.. soon i am going to comeback…

  2. we’re going back to Bohol this August, can you recommend a not so expensive hotel somewhere in Tagbilaran? we were in Panglao last year but this time it’s will be my father’s first visit to Bohol and we will visit his relatives there. We’re not even sure yet where to find them that’s why I plan to stay in Tagbilaran instead of Panglao to give us easy access to other towns.

    email me at blogdemanila [at] gmail [dot] com. thanks!

  3. We were in Bohol exactly a year ago. I loved Balicasag!
    Right after we left for Cebu, I was singing “Balik sa Bohol. Balik. Balik Balik” the whole time! HAHA!

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