Road Signs.

Photo walking: Scenes of Cebu City’s streets

Couple… holding hands. Sweet.

It was my rest day. I was bored and alone in my room. I decided to walk around the streets and took pictures. This idea was actually suggested by my co-worker who is also fond of taking pictures. He coined it – PHOTOWALKING.

Q. – What exactly is a Photowalk ?

A. – A photowalk is the act of walking around with your camera and photographing your surroundings. Recently the term has become synonymous with a group of photographers, walking in predetermined locations and then sharing their imagery. Alone or with a group, the purpose is still the same and that is to go out and shoot.

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Photowalk is usually done by a group but this time I did it alone. I won’t have to tell you what streets in Cebu City but if you reside in the city you probably can tell where I took the pictures.

I do not mean to promote or degrade the image of Cebu City but these are some of the scenes you might witness while walking in the streets of Cebu City. Actually, typical Philippines’ street.

Confusing Wires. Urban Life.

Basketball along the street. I took the picture at a distant so I had to zoom the camera, that explains why the picture is fuzzy.

Barbed wires at the gates to keep off from thieves. What if the attacker has a special power?

Road Signs.

Street Names

Construction workers at work. This one is near Baseline.

The never ending fight against the fly over project.

Security Guard is texting. Probably just to kill boredom.

Someone’s bed.

The little boy enjoys kicking the empty plastic mineral water bottle.

Analytical Geometry.

Cebu City’s Redemptorist Church

Services-we-offered. I love the tag boards.

The House of the Rich Man and Lazarus

Kid begs money from the taxi driver.

The large trash can.

A family waits to stop a jeepney/taxi.

The school that does not like girls wearing bikinis.

Slight Traffic.

SO those are the 21 pictures… a result of my boredom. Forgive me if it takes a while to load. I tried to take the pictures discreetly as I can so I only used my Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo camera. The pictures are of course edited using Adobe Lightroom 3.0

Just to add, don’t you know that the winner of the last year’s Worldwide Photowalk Contest was a Filipino? Yeah. I am so proud of him.

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2 thoughts on “Photo walking: Scenes of Cebu City’s streets”

  1. nice photos you got there… it’s capturing the pulse of a city as raw asit gets… and these are the best photos because you were just shooting away… it’s like saying, “this is it… exactly what your eyes will see if you come and visit”… i hope you will have more photowalks…

  2. Nice shots and you have good editing skills too! :)
    We’ll be in Cebu next week for 1 day,
    what are the places can you suggest us t visit in a day?

    P.S. You have an additional liker on FB. Liker #60! :)

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