Cebu Skywalk Adventure

Going Extreme: Cebu’s Sky Experience Adventure

My college classmate who works in Bohol came in Cebu City one time to get her laptop she had it fixed. That was only her main goal of coming into the city. It took only a few minutes for her to get her laptop in the service center while the remaining hours will be a bore. It was quite fortunate because the time she got here two of her college buddies who are now based in Cebu were available – of course that was me and Egis.

Sky Adventure

Before the Skywalk Experience. Stopping for a picture could be worthwhile.

So Egis and I decided to accompany Ritchie while she spent her remaining time here. It was after all her vacation. She only had less than 24 hours to enjoy. I thought of roaming around SM Mall or Ayala Mall was boring or going to a beach in Mactan was time consuming. We decided to go just nearby. Yet we thought… going extreme was a good idea.

We spent the whole afternoon that day only in Crown Regency Jones Ave. Cebu City. We had the Skywalk Extreme and Edge Coaster adventure. We took their (around) PhP 1,000/per head package which includes Skywalk Extreme, Edge Coaster, Dinner Buffet in Sparkz Resto, Entrance to Sky Level and 1 4D movie. And they also gave us certificates to certify that we surpassed their skywalk and edge coaster which was quite prestigious. LOL And they also gave us free souvenir t-shirts.

Cebu Skywalk

Brave Ritchie who just stepped near the edge. I tell you I am afraid of heights and I definitely can’t do that.

Cebu Skywalk Adventure

That is Fuente Osmena Circle on the right. The floor which is made of transparent glass makes the skywalk more extreme. I can not even stand looking below.

Edge Coaster Crown Regency

I kinda enjoy their edge coaster. I was not scared at all. haha

So pictures above are courtesy of Crown Regency Staff. You can not take or bring your own camera while you do the skywalk and edge coaster activity. So part of their business is they will take a picture of you using their own DSLR camera. It is PhP 50.00/picture if you want to get a copy. Quite expensive.

After gazing the 360 degree view of Cebu City right from the sky level of Crown Regency Hotel, we spent another time in watching their 4D movie. It was not my first time to watch such 4D movie but we had fun. We were the only people in the theater so we felt special. lol

4D movie

After watching the 4D movie. It was a short horror movie. It was fun.

Our buffet dinner in Sparkz Restaurant was great! They had a lot of dishes to choose. I can say that the PhP 1,000 I paid was all worth it. If only I knew their buffet dinner was that lavish, I should have emptied my stomach before hand. But yeah, that dinner was something not so usual.

Crown Regency Sparks Resto

Ritchie and Egis getting their plates full.

Garden Salad.

Garden Salad.

Sparkz Resto fruits

The swan carved on the watermelon looks interesting. Such an artwork.

Uhmmm. Desserts.

Uhmmm. Desserts. Sweets. Cakes.

Later that night, we went to the top most level of the building where they hold the wall climbing and zip line. It felt good because that time there was some fireworks. The whole evening was just gazing the lights of Cebu City. Kinda mesmerizing.

Welcome signage found along Jones Ave.

Welcome signage found along Jones Ave.

Fuente Osmena Circle, Fuente Osmena Ave up to Cebu Capitol.

Fuente Osmena Circle, Fuente Osmena Ave up to Cebu Capitol.

Gen. Maxilom Ave at night.  Or also called Mango Ave.

Gen. Maxilom Ave at night. Or also called Mango Ave.

Jones Ave.

Jones Ave.

Fuente Osmena CIrcle.

Fuente Osmena Circle.

Crown Regency's Wall Climbing.

Crown Regency’s Wall Climbing.

Fireworks seen from Crown Regency Hotel.

Fireworks seen from Crown Regency Hotel.

This is actually a long over due post. We went there last Dec 2012. To view more information go to their website:

Thank you guys for reading.

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  1. What a great article. I’ve lived in Cebu all my life but I’ve never tried the Sky Experience Adventure. The prospect of being able to look down to the bustling streets of Osmeña Avenue was never really appealing. But it looks like you had a lot of fun. Not scary at all. With all the useful information you’ve provided, I’m beginning to change my mind.

    1. Yeah, going for a skywalk adventure in Crown Regency is another must try in Cebu City. I personally have a fear of heights so when we did the skywalk adventure, I felt goosebumps all over my body. haha okay, little exagerrated but it is something that i do not want to try it again… first try is already enough… hehe thanks for visiting. :)

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