I am usually shy and uncomfortable telling about myself but… so you have a little background (in case you found me interesting. lol), here is a quick tour about the owner of this website.

Hi! My name is MACKY and I am now 25 years old (as of this update 02/2012).

I am a degree holder of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.

I graduated last March 2009 at Central Visayas State College of Agriculture, Forestry and Technology – Tagbilaran City Campus CVSCAFT-TCC (now Bohol Island State University)

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  1. Hi. I really enjoyed my brief visit on your site and I’ll be sure to be back for more.
    Can you please consider placing my website on your link list?

    Please email me back.


  2. Mark Jayson Resus :D Got your name as the domain owner for sad ko sa CVSCAFT-TCC :D your blog is very informative! thanks :D

  3. Hi Macky,

    I like your blog and I am looking forward to your next posts. I am also very often in Bohol, a friend of mine is based in Tawala, Panglao, where I often stay.

    Greetings from Cordova, Cebu


  4. Hi Im Bing, just would like to inquire from you about the trip to moap misamis occidental and hoyohoy, can i talk to you on fon?

  5. Hello!

    I’ve been visiting your space for quite sometime now and I really find your posts interesting. Yeah, I love travelling, too. :D Sometimes, I don’t get to travel due to money constraints though, but I digress. Anyhoo, I’ve put you in my blogroll because I really like your site, and I hope that’s okay. :)

    Thanks for sharing your travels. Hope you have more great trips in the future. ^_^

  6. Hi Macky
    I came across your blog via bee farm website.
    I tried emailing you but they bounced.

    I am speaking in tagbilaran on saturday so maybe come a long

    also i would ask you to check the two links below and if possible help spread the word.

    all the best

    Robin Gurney

    Co-founder at ANDAKIDZ – Bringing joy to Anda’s children.

    Follow us on Facebook

  7. Macky, ur blog is very clean, nice & informative… in short – excellente’!. Hehe, I hope to join u in ur future explorations in Philippines coz thats what I really love to do…. Auau.

    — JACK from Cebu —
    09228008830. haha, pakapin ang cell #. LOL

  8. hi…
    I found your blog useful ‘coz I am looking for some information about tourist attraction in Siargao Island that I want to visit and Taktak Waterfalls is one of them…

    God speed…


    1. hi johncin! how do you want me to help you? you can start advertising your website through twitter and facebook… or make your website seo optimized… hehe just a suggestion… thanks for dropping by!

  9. HI!

    Sus, maayo kaayo. A very good source of informaion.
    Actually I was looking for a childrens’ park in cebu city because of my “apo” and family. Then I tried looking for Mountain View Park (though I have visited years back).

    Job well done, Macky! Am sure you will be doing a lot more.. (24 ka pa lang!)

    God loves you!

  10. Hi Macky! I am a member of Capitol City Foursquare Church in Quezon City. I am impressed by your site. I wonder how I could have one for my ministry. Hope you can help me.
    I’m searching for 4square church and a place to stay in Bohol when I happened to view your site. Lord willing, i’ll be visiting Bohol first week of September.
    Hope to see you when I get there.
    God bless

  11. hi..good day!ask lang ko how to create a blog using unta ko blog nko using this site.salamat

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